Join us for our mini 45 minute workshops

Align, detox, energize………

Align, detox, energize………

give yourself the gift of well-being

*10 minute Meditation and breathing basics

*20 minute Reiki healing with crystals

*15 minute kansa wand treatment with custom essential oil blends

1-Basics of deep breathing and clearing of mind 10 min.

Breathing is our gateway to balancing our physical and emotional self. By focusing on breathing techniques and guiding you to a clear state of mind almost like meditation you will experience immediate release of stress and anxiety. This is a great technique to take home and practice on your own.


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2-20 Minute Reiki treatment The use of crystals will assist in increasing the energy flow into the aspects that you desire healing. Reiki is the transfer of energy from one person to another in assisting them to follow their own healing path. Our bodies are constantly in a state of healing, however, stress, and worry or anxiety block our ability to let this process take its natural flow. Reiki is designed to clear up those areas of resistance in our bodies and allow the energy to flow easily resulting in healing and energy regeneration. Jessica has been helping  many clients for the last 4 years to heal and re-energize from the inside through the use of Reiki.

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 15 min of Kansa Wand massage infused by essential oils.

 The Kansa Wand has been used for 5000 years in Ayurveda practice. This metal wand is composed of 4 to 1 ratio of tin and copper mostly known as bronze.

The benefits of massaging with this wand are many:


1-Helps calm down the nervous system

2-Reduces stress

3-Increases blood circulation

4-Helps the body release toxins


Clients can chose their essential oils from a variety of exclusive handcrafted blends

BE: Abundant Orange/Bergamot/Frankincense- help invigorate and uplift the spirits as well as helps reduce stress and stimulates the metabolic and digestive systems.


BE Enlightened: Peppermint/lavender/rosemary – Excellent for calming the nervous system, relaxing and healing the upper respiratory system.


BE Full of Life: Green Tea/ Lemon/ Lavender- A very refreshing blend rich in antioxidants, anti bacterial properties as well as a perfect way to boost the immune system and uplift the soul.


After this amazing mini workshop you will be aligned, refreshed, and energized.


45 min. $120

1 hr $160

1:15 $180

these are personal one on one workshops however, they can be designed for larger groups.


Crystals and oil blends are also available for purchase.