Our story

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During a lovely 6-month stay in Paris, I fell at one of the fashion week parties - yes, it was actually that fun, and yes, I was feeling pretty good :). However my knees did not respond so well to my fall. They were bigger than small melons the next day. new to my surroundings I knew Paris very well but didn’t know any French doctors, I decided to Reiki my way back into health. I took a workshop; I helped myself with crystals, essential oils and meditation. 

I was back to riding my Velibs (French public bicycle system) in one month’s time. Yoga also helped after the swelling and pain were under control. 

Right then and there, I decided to explore more about the power of healing ourselves without the use of pharmaceuticals or chemicals. When I came back to the US I started studying more and more about the power of essential oils not only to heal our bodies and minds but our emotional states as well. 

It was mind blowing how this combination of meditation, oils and crystals and Reiki began to help me get more from life. I began to respect the importance of feeling good - how this is the key to living a good life. 

It comes down to feeling good: it is our choice. We have all that we need within us and around us, in nature, to not only achieve well-being but to thrive. THIS is what my literal fall brought me to. 

My daughter Tamara - my co-founder and daughter, also a natural healer - and I quickly started sharing our inspired brand with friends who not only raved about the scents but also the uplifting, healing and beautifying effects of the custom made blends. Today BE is still being handcrafted in Laguna Beach and growing and helping so many others to thrive looking and feeling damn good while doing it.