How BE Essential Oil Blends can help Jet lag and other travel related issues

BE: Enlightened, This is a great blend of lavender, peppermint, and rosemary on a base of fragmented coconut oil. This blend will help you alleviate the foggy feeling when stepping out of the plane or that might follow you you for a day or two. Peppermint oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory - it will also give you an immediate burst of energy. Lavender is naturally relaxing and soothing. Rosemary oil helps us focus and helps us clear our minds from clutters of thoughts. If you get neck aches from the discomfort of sitting for a long time in a plane, rub some of this oil on the area and feel the immediate soothing effect of this amazing blend. This also applies for any other body part that might feel discomfort during or after your flight.

BE: Abundant Body Oil. This is a beautifully balanced blend of orange, bergamot and frankincense oils that will not only act as a powerful anti-inflammatory but as an uplifter. Bergamot helps with digestive and intestinal issues that many of us suffer from with the change in our diets and eating schedules that comes with travel - rub some of this oil on your tummy area and get the relief you so deserve. Orange Oil is also a powerful mood up-lifter so if the change in schedule and places gets you down or a meeting is inevitable and you feel you need something healthier than coffee just rub some of this oil into the palm of your hands and cup them in front of your nose and inhale then exhale; cup them again and repeat 2 more times. You will feel refreshed and uplifted in a matter of seconds. For a bit extra rub it on your pulse points by your wrists.

BE: Full of Life roll on is a well-balance blend of Lemon and Magnolia Oil. Lemon oil is a very effective bug repellent as well as a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal oil. We all know how full of germs airports can be, not to mention the bacteria in some beautiful and remote places of the World. So just keep this handy roll on in your purse and rub it on your hands every time you feel like you need it: if you breathe it in it will also uplift your mood in seconds.  Magnolia Oil can help asthma symptoms as well as help with bronchitis in case the change of weather gets to you. Both lemon and magnolia oil are know to suppress the appetite: you can rub this blend in the palm of your hands and cup them in front of your nose and breathe deeply in, exhale and repeat the cupping and breathing in a couple of more times 20 minutes before a meal and notice how you still enjoy your food but do not need to eat as much - we all know how these trips can make us put a few pounds without even noticing.

Jessica Barkley