Living Free of Dis- ease, living in Ease....

Living in Ease..... Author: Jessica Barkley

Living in ease is a choice and the best way to live, joyfully, lovingly and free of "dis"-ease".

We as humans are created to live our lives in ease. We came into this world to be joyous and happy and to enjoy our time on this earth. The old notion of suffering and victim hood does not apply when talking about living our lives in alignment with our true nature.

The mere truth is reflected in the way we feel. As we feel good, we are living life in accordance to our true purpose whatever that might be. Our "Diseases" are caused mainly by our thoughts and the way we interpret life as it comes to us. The truth is that as we experience life, we accumulate negative feelings and perceptions that affect the way we feel. These create a mental resistance within us, which in time, if we allow for it to continue, will develop into a larger momentum unfolding into physical dis-ease. As this resistant energy finds a physical lodging inside our body, we experience slight pain, lethargy or lack of energy, even illness, etc.

Our mind is the body's greatest ally or foe since our physical health is directly connected to our emotions and thoughts. These create vibrations within us that are carried through our neurotransmitters into our cells causing damage or repair depending on the sentiment associated with them. It has been clinically proven that positive words can physically affect the chemical composition of water, cells and atoms and this in turn can change their role. The same holds true for our own cells and atoms.

Positive and kind words and thoughts are best matched to our natural state of well-being and thus are most in agreement with the greatest performance of our cells.

An easy way to stop negative momentum and pain before it manifests into a chronic illness or disease is to replace negative thoughts as they appear. The best way to know if we are engaging in thoughts or activities that go against our well-being is by being aware of how we are feeling as we think or do those tasks. Use your emotions as the finest guidance to your well- being. Sometimes when I run I start to experience a slight discomfort on my knee or back, at once I say to myself "let go of resistance, let go of pain, let my body flow as it naturally should". Seconds after I repeat this within me with sincerity, the pain or discomfort disappears and I can continue my run in perfect comfort.

Make sure you are not going beyond your physical limits. If your body is craving for rest, then give into it, 15 minutes of shutting your eyes and relaxing your whole body can help you restore and reset your entire system. It's like a mini "reboot". Some of our great leaders practiced the "20 minute Power Nap".

We all have our own guidance and it varies from one person to another, listen to your emotions, listen to your body through your impulses. Beware, where your impulses are coming from, again if you are feeling frustrated or angry your impulses might not be trusted at that moment. Find a place to re-align first, breath deeply and close your eyes for a couple of seconds this brief "re-centering" might bring you the relief you need right away. Place an intention to "re-align" as you close your eyes and it will happen. You are in control of your feelings, allow yourself to take the reins over how your life should be.

You can try to focus on something you enjoy or that you like with your eyes or mind. Shift gears by shifting your focus and see immediate release of tension as you do this. Music helps me out when I am stressed. If you can physically move, do so as movement also shifts our focus effectively and fast.

If you have a chronic pain, try meditating every day and see how your ability to release resistance increases and you are less responsive when negative experiences come your way. Moreover, as mediation allows you to better connect with your Inner Self, you will be less impatient and more understanding of others point of view.

A month ago, I guided a person through mediation, after 5 days of practicing it, he told me that he surprised himself as his anger had subsided and almost disappeared. Apparently this was a trait in his character that he had learned to accept and meditation helped him through it without even expecting it.

Most importantly, do not talk about your pains and diseases with everybody you come into contact. This gives your discomfort or disease a validation as the other person or persons start wanting to know every detail. It also allows the momentum to grow and thus expanding your resistance and the illness or discomfort. Try giving yourself a reprieve from this illness by acknowledging it as a manifestation of your past thoughts or believes. Let go of all resistance and thought at least 3 times a day, once first thing in the morning when you wake up, in the middle of the afternoon and before you go to bed at night. Let go of all thought and set a positive intention for yourself such as, "I will have a long restful sleep and wake up early and refreshed in a positive mood. As my body sleeps it will heal and regenerate on its own like it's supposed to do.

In the morning go into a deep meditation practice for 15 to 20 minutes trying to empty your mind of all thought and with the intention of allowing your Inner Self to take over your mind and body. I have written a piece on Meditation which can help you if you are not familiar with this practice.

As we regain control of our emotions and learn to align with our true nature, with our Inner Guidance, we start living life in a more fulfilled manner, we glide through life with little or no resistance, we trust that we have the power to view the world in a way that is most beneficial to us.

As we experience less and less resistance our health starts improving, our view of ourselves starts improving, our health will naturally flow into well-being mode. This change will be so subtle that you will ease into it and you might not notice until you think about what used to ail you and realize it's gone. I used to suffer from chronic neck stiffness and pain. Sometimes the

pain extended to my arm. After I started my meditation practice, it disappeared. I did not even notice until about a year after and realized I had not experienced it for a long while. Change does not need to be drastic, it can be subtle and easy, that's the way we are programmed, to ease into experiences, without resistance.

There's no need to focus on the issues that might be causing resistance in your body or mind, let go of judgment and prejudice towards yourself and others. Stop minding everybody else's business and even your own. By this I mean stop judging yourself and being hard on yourself, talk to yourself with love and appreciation and see the difference in your attitude, your emotional well-being and your health. Find more activities you love to do and do them, allow into your life the opportunities that show up and expect the best from the day, yourself and others.

Think EASE and you will live in EASE, after all, we are what we think.